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forget them, remember me (: [entries|friends|calendar]

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[28 Sep 2007|11:55am]
[ mood | recumbent ]

this wil be the last time im writing in this lj. for the fact that my comp at home crashed and it refused to start. hur. pissed off w everything
i'll summarise some events that happened (not in odrer)
1) Dragon boating. love the guys. love the pics
2) teacher's day. emo gang, emo shit. acting cool
3) my hse is getting a new swimming pool, a whole lot of new aircons, additional kitchen and god knows what.
4) Prelims. dont wish to further elaborate
5) I really cannot remember. im an outdated crap now
i love sheena, fats, yaq, rom (not in THAT sense k rom)
i love yaq's emails which i read only now and she sent them out ages ago.
i love my 2 dogs still, although they are peeing everywhere at home
i love all the small stupid talks in class
i love all the jokes we made :)

and to you, i hope you're keeping your promise.

till the new name is crafted out, ciao

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[15 Jul 2007|05:08pm]
ahhh, finally an update.
hahahaa. feeling kinda high today! finally got my 12 hrs sleep after the hols ended :)

I swear the teachers want to see us die before the A's. homeworks are like never ending. 1 day buffer to do like what, 3 essays?! and not including revision. BAH. i need to study! and i mean REALLY STUDY! by the time i finish my geog/econs essay, im practically half dead. oh, and this happens everyday. HURHUR. nvm, enough abt mugging.

Fri went to the river island sales at Raffles. I DIDNT GET ANYTHING! siwee got himself some pretty good stuffs though.went to watch HPOOTP after that.(harry potter and the order of the phoenix) and i must say that it wasn't THAT fantastic. kinda boring. but daniel radcliffe is getting hotter :D Luna lovegood is pretty too, in an eccentric way. That was the first time i wathed at The Cathay near Dhoby, plus Siwee's mum treated us :D haha how nice of her right. Then went to eat dinner and sent me home in a cab :)
TRANSFORMERS on the other hand, was the BEST FRIGGING SHOW I'VE EVER WATCHED. siwee was practically jumping off his seat in excitement.

Sat went to Vivo w sheena cos we're dying to get a piece of topshop's sales. wasnt that good cos all that was left are uh, plus sizes only. And i love playsuits now! we look totally w-e-i-r-d wearing that tight bottomed playsuits. lol. Brought my doggies to shave in th morning. the fella asked me what kind of STYLE i want. didnt know dogs have hairstyles. haha.

And now, siwee rejected my offer to mug at library :( super sad.

v long entry. and i think that's enough for today :)
mug hard everyone~
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:D [04 Jul 2007|01:20am]
[ mood | content ]

yeah im happy :D :D
cos i went s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g with ahlian. walked till our legs hurt though.
Topshop is like raising the prices by $5-$10. is it beacuse of the GST increase? i mean it's only 7% :(
for poor people like me who have limited disposable income, the $5-$10 increase now takes up a larger proportion of my income. Demand will be price elastic (although Topshop is a NECESSITY, not a LUXURY good. HAHAHAA) but obviously looking at the queues at the cashier counter, demand is price inelastic for other shoppers. or price elastic the other way round (When topshop increase its prices, customers who throng Topshop also increases. HAHA STUPID THEORY). Bottomline is, it's sad having low disposable income :(
and my dad just pissed me off. zzz. add my aunty to that too. RAHH
no pics cos im lazy to plug my phone to the USB.


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overdued, very [06 Jun 2007|03:04am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i havent been updating for eons of donkey years!
seaweed took away my mouse so tht i can study better. HURHUR. so this is like my first in 5 days! GAHH
anyways, GSS is here (im slow) and my mum asked me.. "So, how much have u spent?" HAHA. didnt reply her of course. she doesn't need to know cos my papa is the one footing the credit card bills xD

adding on, is my online shopping fetish. i seriously cannot stop buying stuffs online cos it's seriously WAAYYY cheaper than in stores. a F21 tunic top only cost approx $20 online but retailing for $38 in store. HAHA omg i sound so... cheapo? turning to a daryl! but seriously, $18 cheaper is alot when it's accumulated :D :D
aaand i didnt forget stuffs for my boy! loves the big range of Mr Men collections online! plus plus, NUM doesn't have this:

He's strong! aaand definitely less than $49.90 that NUM sells :D
get it at http://80stees.com

F21 online is absolutely a must visit! http://forever21.com MUCH cheaper AND larger range of collection! the shops here are so messy that seaweed gets a headache everytime we step in :(

i certainly love my boyfriend! havent seen this in singapore stores yet xD

http://wetseal.com another GREAT website for apparels not found in sg!

buttoned jumper top in stripey blue! definitely a steal at USD14 :D

tell me lah, how not to get hooked on these lovely stuffs :(
owells, hopefully Sat can finally go out xD

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[27 May 2007|01:48pm]
[ mood | awake ]

dusty lil ol' lj :D

havent updated in like.. 1 month? haha.. now too many stuffs to update on. shall do it in point form :))

- 39 Degrees fever for 2 days
- Stepped down alrdy
- MJ soccer lost to RJC
- GSS is here!
- Blades of glory is LAME
- Swollen gum (my mum said my whatever tooth is growing.. zzz)
- I WENT SHOPPING ON FRIDAY! the whole Meridian community was in town. inc the Chem teachers lol.
- I WENT SHOPPING ON SAT TOO! sweet holidays :D

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emo-ing [01 May 2007|01:00am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well, siwee is tired and i got no1 to talk to at this time of th night so i shall be emo.. xD

today was the result of the 5th stundents' council. i must say im quite disappointed. i expected some people to get in while others simply do not deserve their place. The votes are in and the teachers made up their minds. What can i say? theres no turning back no matter how much we complain.
Last yr, the number 3s also had this thrashing, according to mr hon. i think it's just normal for their opinions to be heard. Obv as seniors we dont want our juniors to make the same mistakes as we did. There are bound to be bitching (lots of it) but the teacher took the gamble, they placed their trust upon us. So why cant we? i was one of those who were pissed with the results. but like as i said, nth to change the results so why dont we make the best out of it? Since we know some of them obviously need to be pushed, we will push them until they die this Friday. Let them have a taste how it feels like to be a councillor XD

anw, i love yunzhi! haha although no1 reads this dusty lil blog of mine.

We went up as one, served as one, and we shall step down as ONE
we rock, dont we? (:

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:( [29 Apr 2007|01:01am]
i promise im going to study. SOON.

i need my frequent retail therapy although there's nth to "therapize" lol.
and siwee, PLEASE HURRY UP TURN 18! i can't believe i have not stepped into a proper club yet. WHAT IS THIS MAN. just because my friends are all 18-to-be.. and my aunty will kill me if i get home pissed drunk. aaand i shall make another to-do note cos the last ones were pretty much achieved..

1)pray and pray and pray that my aunty will go Australia and Japan for AS LONG AS SHE CAN
2)plan siwee's birthday
3)buy sista's pressie xD
4)post-invest movie marathon (applies if my aunty goes on a holiday :\)
5)STOP ONLINE SHOPPING << super addictive

anyway i saw this,

MTV & THE YOUTHEMPIRE are proud to
bring you

the first ever [MTV FASHION-FABULOUS!]
event of 2007:

29TH MAY 2007

Come dressed in your CELEBRITY BEST,
be red-carpet READY and look PICTURE

VAUNT is BACK with a vengeance!

We’re pumping up the Glitz & Glam so
that YOU can walk down that RED

to be part of the ONE AND ONLY MTV
Young Fashion Designers’ Awards!
BE THERE to witness

10 teams of Talented Young Designers &
10 Salaciously HOTT models

STRUT 10 stunning sets of PROM wear &
10 sets of jaw-dropping AFTER-PROM

for the ultimate title and ONE TOP
PRIZE OF $1500!!


Then BID for the designs you see on
the runway after the show, so YOU can


Watch out for our VAVAVOOM FASHION
POLICE squad

led by Miss Monique & Chanel cos
they’ll be on the lookout for


It could be YOU!



with GUEST APPEARANCES by the most
FASHIONABLE icons in Singapore and
from MTV,



29TH MAY – The ONLY Party where YOU

$20 – PRE-SALE
$25 – Limited Tickets at the Door


k i gotta sleep. wheeeeeeeeee
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loving you [21 Apr 2007|11:39pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Things to do:
1) Bug Yun zhi for placards, speeches and rehearsal
2) Perfect my nightwalk. buy logistics/props etc
3) Complete ALL my tutorials/assignment
4) Start revising my work
5) Geog flood project (bitchshit)
6) Clean up my room and cupboard

Mon- RnE rehearsal/captain's ball
Tues- HOLIDAY (right?)
Wed- M-e-e-t-i-n-g
Thurs & Fri- cant remember

Well, Today's my 14th month :) and we went *GASP* S-h-o-p-p-i-n-g! im never getting tired of shopping man. Both of us bought smth which is good cos he rarely see anything that he like. and if he see smth that he like, he will get it like asap. i guess it's guys' insticts.
Went raffles city cos he wants to go to the crumpler boutique. otherwise, he will never agree to go thr. we spent a loooong time inside trying bags and came out empty handed haha. he liked 3 different designs and in 3 different colours. laptop bag? messenger bag? WHAT COLOUR? HOW? haha.and he claimed i dont look nice in a crumpler. hmph. if he gets the big orange one, i also want the small orange one! that's just fairrr.

anw, my mentee is realllyy nice. haha. she baked cake and muffins for me n siwee. lol. and no1 believe tht she looks like xiuxiu. :(

around 26 days more to stepping down. i wont be emo until nearing invest :)
but yeah, i lovelovelove my councillors! a bunch of bitchheads but i still lurvee them

ps: i love siwee too. alot alot :)

me and yun zhi :P

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i need a haircut [12 Apr 2007|12:35am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

the title says it all, i need a haircut :\

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long week [10 Apr 2007|11:36pm]
[ mood | blank ]

im tired :(
need some sleeeeeep.
mj soccer won 4-0 over YJ
no yay though


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Happy day! [01 Apr 2007|01:03am]
[ mood | happy ]

i woke up LATE for the interview training thingy. rushed down to siwee's hse to fetch him :\ im so nice! haha. then towned after a looooong time! the councillors were selling this $5 post-its for charity. Ewgene n Juju came all the way to pacific plaza to ask us to buy from them. cos apparantly they sold only ONE LOL. finally ate the fried mars bars. superrr duperr SINFUL! gahh! saw the handmade stuffs that i liked! hope i have the time to make and give the council girls before we step down :) went to meet them @ wheelock. Junyu was wearing uhh, purple polo tee. i bet siwee wouldnt wear that in a million years!

Jas tan, Iris G, me @ pepper lunch

aaaaaand the GREATEST BUY OF THE DAY!!

the cutest ever paul FWANK watch!! finally got myself a niceee watch! hahaa. thanks siwee! he just got it from me on the spot when i said i liked it :D :D wheeeee <3 <3

time for studying on Sunday. yup :)

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block test [30 Mar 2007|11:17pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

im here to rant and complain :S
sub-pass is like 40 right. since when it's 35? and nobody told me till i left the LT and it was too late to change the marks. ive never passed my maths exams before (super pathetic). i could have passed if not for the stingy teacher who minused 4 freaking marks jus beacause i didnt put a +C for integration. nicely done. another 3 marks minused off cos my concluding statement was wrong but my answers are right. this is totally unfair lahhh. Siwee said Daryl only minus off 1 mark how come mine 3 marks.
yeah yeah, i knew all of that AFTER I STEPPED OUT OF THE FREAKING LT. I COULD HAVE PASSED MY VERY FIRST MATHS TEST! i was pissed, like duh. Syafiq e haram dog got like what, a freaking 76?! AND HE DOES NOT TAKE H3 MATHS?! COS HE TAKES H3 PHYSICS? AND HE'S ELIGIBLE FOR H3 CHEM ALSO? :S


anyway, i gotta work hard. im gna pass my mid years. YES! cos i booked a PERMANENT consultation slot for maths. so proud of myself :D

and today i did absolutely nth at home hahahaa. slept like piglets with siwee from 130 to 5. the weather was like purrrrfect for us to sleeeeep and drooooool all over my pillowsssss

wheeeeee. still got alot of stuffs to do tmr. betta sleeeeeep now

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pictures [25 Mar 2007|10:19pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

shiqi getting egg-ed and flour-ed

just before campfire.

so called "family" pose :\

see! my hair is NOT dyed :D

byebye red phone :(

so yeah, that's basically some pics. more of NICER pics in the red motorola phone :(( should have kept it for myself. sobs.
been seeing alot of people these past few days. yup.
finally went shopping on saturday :D thanks siwee! u took me to shop cos ure scared Michelle and Jasmine will whack u ryte if u dont :P bought necklace, belt aaaaand a super cute shirt. wheeeeee. watched teenage mutant ninja turtles. not bad luh the show. next is Mr Bean :D oh and 300. so outdated can. havent watched that yet :(
tired tired. off to slp nw :)

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[23 Mar 2007|12:24am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

yeah it's finally over. ended on a high note and it's time to come back to reality.
words-heavy entry :D cos my phone died on me and my red Razr got no USB cable zzz.

1st Day
Admin, admin and more admin. boring like bitch (new lingo :D) and my event! icey! nth much luh. saw Chay teng and Deirdre. pity them have to enter this stupid wonderful school :p then mass danced for 2 hours straight. my back was going to BREAK. like literally BREAK! there were only 5 councillors on the floor zzz. the rest got stuffs to do and sone fucking ordered McDonald's when the rest didn't even eat LUNCH. greatness. SHAME ON YOU! don't bring disgrace to us PLEASE!
then had CSI. super tiring. and the Miranda freshmen are like.. the super geniuses type. 5 classes of 4 H2s class. that make up 5/8 of the entire house. hahaa. we get all the geniuses while Phobos get the Mats, Mads, Muds? duno how to spell =\

2nd day
gotta be the most fun of them all cos it wasnt as tiring.
Today we played... MMM-MM!
heh. around town some more! how cool can that get la. but it came with a price though. some of them were spotted playing volleyball at NAFA under the electrical lines zzz. dumb can. my phone died on me for the first time lucky got bring spare fone. if not i die rdy. then planned for shiqi's birthday :D went raffles city after the whole thing to buy donuts but the queue was fucking long! so i went around and got this bouncy cow for siwee :p cute cute. went up to the food court to meet the guys but they weren't there! so Daryl told us the rest of the guys went LITTLE INDIA to get Shiqi's birthday presents. wtf?! they bought INDIAN BANGLES AND INDIAN CD can!! and Michelle thought they were buying INDIAN DOLLS. wth is indian doll anyway! so we girls being girls, went to marina sq to get other presents. got this plain looking soft toy and we sticked *AHEM* picture :D complete with clothes and necklaces. wheee. guys being guys, are only good at 2 things! (quoting Michelle): CARRY STUFFS AND PAYING FOR US! hahahahaa. so anyway we stayed till the shops closed then cabbed home :D

3rd Day
super bad day. shan't blow up the WnW matter. thanks to Mereith, Zul and Junyu for being the only guys who think that i was abused badly :( and of course to the council girls esp JASMINE TAN :D (tho i doubt she reads blogs) who reported this matter. wheeee. ohoh and my left and right bebola! Farhan and Moo! :D but yeah i was okay cos he got scolded by 6 teachers! heard Mr Hon screwed him upside down lol :p then we floured and egg-ed Shiqi until the assembly plaza smelled of rotten eggs. yucks. but she was happy that's all that matters rightttt :)
then had campfire in the evenin. rained heavily but the hall was just as good. the performances were funny esp the costumes >< in e end Triton won Phobos by 1 point. i counted and counted (i was the scoreGIRL) but the scores were right. no choice loh. anyway it didnt matter cos the JC1s had fun. talked to the Miranda OGLs aft clean up.
Jasmine, me and Shiqi were the only 3 councillors there.
so jasmine asked them..
J: am i cute?
OGLs: nooooo
J: Is Shiqi cute?
OGLs: noooo
J: Is mei cute?
OGLs: yesssssss
whahahahaaa i couldnt stop laughing my ass off!
J: ask u again! which one of us is the prettiest?
OGLs: Meeeeeeiiiiiiiii
WHAHAHAAHAHA ultimate! see la im so pretty and cute can! :D :D
Mr Yeow fetched me, chong and boss home cos he stay at kembangan only! coolness.
and chong showed me 1 survey form from the JC1s
it said: "I was just another Jc1 in this school until i saw JASMINE CHONG DANCING ON STAGE :D"
HAHAHAHAHAA. stupid malay soccer muds, mats, mads (sp?) now chong have her own fan club. and my fan club shall be the MIRANDA OGLS HAHAHAHAA. ok i was just kidding. that kind of thing is so Shiqi-ish and not me :D

finally, good news from Mr Yeow today... block test is not counted!! we can fail like fuck but we wont have to see Ms Lai! yaaaayyyy. but im sucha good girl and i shall mug!

Council ROCKS yeahh baby!

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chihuahua (sp?) [20 Mar 2007|11:52pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Council bitching session rocks. keep up the good work councillors! :p
shall update more next time with pictures. tired tired.

happy 13 months my dear (:

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[18 Mar 2007|12:50am]
[ mood | awake ]

haven't been updating for sometime :\ RAHHH.
anyway, one fine day i opened google and $*$(#%&^ came out. just nice my Norton expired. so ta-dah! 70 viruses went sneaking in =.= my comp is so ancient can!

i havent been shopping in 12345 donkey years... yest went Dhoby Ghaut with Siwee, his mum and uncle for dinner and to get a RED MOTOROLA V3 for my sister in law. wheeeee. super nice phone. but my phone nicer! hahaha. ate at uhh Old Beijing place near Swensens. not bad but the food gets cold pretty fast.

and today, went to pasir ris to fetch siwee in da morning and i saw one very WEIRD bunch of teenagers. well, they are practically clothed in NUM stuffs from head to toe. NUM racerback, NUM flip flops, NUM bags. all of them wear diff coloured ones. i was like.. wth? super cheesy can and totally not cool zzz

wanted to watch norbit (how outdated can we get) but it was too late. so went around looking at shoes.. YEAH SIWEE, SHOES! WHERE'S MY SHOES :( ohoh, he pierced his ear! hahahaha. so cuteeee lah. peer pressure from Willy and Tian Hon :D good!

yadaa yadaa reached home and slept like pigs for 2 hrs. LOL. he kept pushing me to a weeny corner of my already minute bed. i need a Queen size bed man. HEAR THAT SIWEE! :p went to walk e doggies in e evenin. WE SAW MS WONG JOGGING AT TELOK KURAU PARK! hahaa. didnt know she live near me :O next time can ask Econs consultation at home LOL

ps: rmb i bought Siwee a huge TAZ for his bday last yr. this is what he used it for..

Multi purpose TAZ!

serves as a leg balance when u injure ur thigh!

or eat a soggy seaweed! hahaa

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:O [10 Mar 2007|03:27pm]
[ mood | sick ]

the flu is killing me. making me wanna sleep all day long. obv i cant do that even though it IS the weekend and next week's holiday the last week before orientation and block tests. zzz.

off to mug. taas.

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i need a tuition teacher [04 Mar 2007|11:40pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i just pressed the wrong thing and my whole post disappeared. zzz.

anyway, tmr is holiday cos the JC3 ppl did well. nth to do with us but we still get the holiday. good. i need 1 extra day to complete my hw. proposals are piling up and i havent started revising my work. sigh. and now siwee is dao-ing me cos i nv do finish proposal ): sorryyyyyy...

i feel like sleeping NOW. super tired. gotta be a good girl from now on.

taas everyone. study hard for the upcoming block test (:

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[03 Mar 2007|09:04pm]
[ mood | sore ]

im always late in the mornings. but glad i came and joined OG4 as their uhh, follower? walked ard the central area until we were tired and gone bonkers. The game i/c gave us the wrong answer, Kenneth dear told us to go to a DEMOLISHED building and we ended up walking further than what we were supposed to. but yeah, it was fun (:

say FOUR!

looked for present aft that but i didnt see the one that i saw last time (maybe cos it was a long ago since i went town)

anyway, my aunty talked to me yest abt certain issues. she kinda wanted me to think abt my future and what shit course imma taking in U. she claimed that with my strongest sub (geog) i can't get into any "good" course unless i wanna be a TEACHER. firstly, i do NOT think that subject combi matters unless i turn mental and wanna go into biochem/med or those crazy science courses. overall score still matters the most, not the sub combi. so, i told her that i wanna be an accountant (at that moment in time i thought this will satisfy her) but no, she still say that i won't be able to get in cos they need maths. well, i AM taking H2 maths for a reason here. doesnt matter if i suck in it badly, i'm trying to improve and get myself a decent tuition teacher.

on that note, i was kinda inspired by the A lvl results the past yr J2s got. they are like so smart! 33 people with 4 idiotic As. that's ALOOTT. and ard 10 got PERFECT SCORE (A1 in GP on top of 4 As). Kim got 4As! Sarah got 3As! Clally got 3As! they are so bloody smart. I wanna see our 34 names at the powerpoint slide ohkay councillors! must turn into a mugger and hibernate in muggerland :)


sorry for being so selfish
we both know we are wrong
and pls, dont ever doubt me :)

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OGL camp [24 Feb 2007|07:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

it all started on Friday...
normal lessons plus camp. Ms yeo was suaning the councillors cos she claimed we have too many activites on. dont blame it on us, blame the school that is making us work like dogs. AND they dont even have the courtesy to let us have our well-deserved rest! Orientation ends on Wed somewhere in late March AND THEY WANT US TO TAKE THE FUCKING BLOCK TEST ON FRI AND SAT! ALL 4 PAPERS ON FRI AND SAT! how sick can those ppl get! pity the s101 ppl who have 4 H2s. Nevertheless, IF geog and econs are on the same day, that will be 5h 30 mins of PURE WRITING. I almost cried writing my essays out during promos last yr cos my hand ached like fuck :(

anyway, the camp started out with icebreakers. was running ard the sch, praying that God wont turn his back on me and let it rain. then there was the hardcore session of mass dance. was super lethargic and tired but Wadi made me and Jas.T laughed our asses off due to his gh3y-ness :D by the time the 2 sessions finished, we almost dropped dead in the hall. Mich said the Phobos Minahs were giggling and pointing at Zul when he was teaching. LOL. Then me, ewgene, chong, qi, carmen, daryl played a short vball night session after dinner. Only bathed at 11+pm and Mr yeow was waiting outside the girls' toilet to lock up lol. sounds wrong. Did a little of my Maths homework (!!!) cos the J1s were freaking mugging in the middle of the night. Patrick had a 6 hour mugging session ZZZ. oh well, he said mugging is FUN. F-U-N. ZOMG. i must learn to be like him! hahaa. anyway, my maths didnt last long cos was sleepy ):

Sat started out with PT. then wet n wild. didnt do both cos my whole body was aching and im having my bloody time of the month. so me and carmen slacked and helped the hse comm ppl with e waterbombs. Then had CSI. was tired still so me, moo, carmen slept at the backstage of the hall and started talking crap. From red light district to diapers and poo.


Went out of school at ard 5 to eat ljs wif maomao gui (sp?) or hairy ghost lah, jas, 2 iris, kenneth, loser, siauling. They certainly gossip alot huh. esp abt *AHEMM :D but it's so totally true. Must raise this thing up during debrief on Mon.

Some pics

Jas tan (:

smart Syafiq :D

Ju and my dear PA head, Moo (super spastic ppl)

im tired and it's time to rest (:

I Miss my seaweed! and thanks for the macs when i was starving =P

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